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Hospice Care

Allay Home and Hospice uses a team approach to assure continuity of care thoughout the hospice process.

We will tailor an experienced team to meet your individual needs and deliver a personalized, focused care plan.

One in three Americans is caring for a loved one with a serious illness. They find themselves looking for answers to important questions and making challenging decisions every day. It’s not something anyone should have to go through alone. Allay Home and Hospice is there to help families when they need it most. 

Our services include:

  • On-Call Hospice Support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pain Management – Treatments to help with pain and discomfort
  • Symptom Management – Treatments to aid with anxiety, breathing, nausea and other symptoms
  • Medication Coordination – Allows proper medication to be available when needed
  • Registered Hospice Nurses Visits – Scheduled to meet your individualized hospice nursing care plan
  • Nurse Aide Visits – Scheduled to aid with  personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing and other duties
  • Hospice Team Visits – Hospice counseling, program implementation, insurance coverage, support and follow-up visits
  • Volunteer Visits – Scheduled for companionship, errands and light duties
  • Bereavement Services – 13-month bereavement services post-death to all family members and loved ones

Hospice Services

Allay Home and Hospice cares for the terminally ill and helps patients live their final days to the fullest, as free as possible from disabling pain and mental anguish.

Physician Services

Our physicians actively participate in admission and eligibility decisions, as well as in-home visits for hospice patients.

Nursing Care, Pain & Symptom Management, and Medication Coordination

In-home visits are performed by experienced and caring nurses. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in availability and support.

Your Care Team

Allay Home and Hospice’s specially trained interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals provide the latest and most innovative approach to address all aspects of care. 

Bereavement Program

A program supervised by a qualified bereavement coordinator which offers support and services.

Social and Spiritual Services

Counseling for our patients and families. We help you through the emotional, financial, and spiritual process.

Hospice Volunteer Services

Volunteers visit you in your home and provide errands and companionship.

Pharmacy, Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies

We deliver and set up everything needed, including hospital beds, oxygen tanks, and wheelchairs.

Levels of Hospice Care

Allay Home and Hospice offers different types of care for your loved one, including short-term Respite Care, General Inpatient Care provided in a Medicare-approved SNF, and Continuous and Routine Care provided in the home. 

Your Care Team

Our team of physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers treat others the way we want to be treated. We help take care of your loved one’s needs during the last days of their life.

The patient and the family drive the conversations and plan of care goals for the hospice team. Hospice is meant to empower patients and their families with the knowledge and support necessary to understand and prepare for end-of-life, and patients and families can make this possible by articulating their wishes and fears to the hospice team. Hospice services provide patients and families with the resources necessary to be able to focus on their time together.

Each patient is assigned an RN case manager, who works with the patient’s physician and hospice medical director to coordinate the patient’s plan of care. Each patient is seen a minimum of one time a week by the RN Case Manager, but Allay Home and Hospice is committed to seeing our patients a minimum of two times a week and more often as needed. The RN Case Manager coordinates care with each discipline and supervises the patient’s clinical and personal care to ensure that the patient and family’s needs are met. The RN case manager is also available to serve as a resource to the patient and the family and can offer guidance and support for how to best manage care.

The home health aide assists patients and their families with their personal care needs, such as bathing, and can teach patients and their families techniques to make personal care in the home setting easier to manage. The home health aide can also assist with light housekeeping.

The chaplain is available to provide spiritual support to patients and their families. These services can be combined with the services offered by a patient’s church or spiritual leaders or in lieu of those services if the patient becomes homebound.

Learn more on our Bereavement Services page.

The social worker helps the patient and the family identify resources that will fulfill the needs of the patient while supporting their end of life wishes. Examples include assistance with long-term placement, financial aid programs, and end-of-life planning.

The bereavement coordinator is available to provide grief support and guidance to patients at the end of life. The bereavement coordinator also provides thirteen+ month bereavement for families after the passing of their loved one.

The hospice medical director presides over the interdisciplinary team, which meets regularly to discuss each patient’s plan of care. The medical director is available to the hospice team to assist with needs that might arise between care conferences.

The volunteer coordinator helps patients and families connect to volunteers who can provide companionship and support. These volunteers have often had a personal experience with hospice themselves and have a heart for the people we serve. All patient care volunteers receive initial and annual training, CPR training, and regular background checks.

Levels of Care

Allay Home and Hospice provides the level of care that is most appropriate to meet your individual needs.

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