The Allay Hospice Volunteer

Allay Volunteers are trained to work side by side with hospice professionals to provide quality, compassionate care when it is needed most.

Volunteers Provide Companionship

Conversations & laughter

Reminiscing & life review

Playing card & board games

Singing & playing music.

Volunteers provide emotional support

Giving a hug or holding a hand

Being a good non-judgemental listener

Offering words of comfort

Being a supportive presence

Volunteers provide respite support

Providing the family a break from their caregiving duties to run errands, make appointments, or simply have time alone.

Supporting the patient & family through regular weekly visits or for one time only requests

Volunteers provide office support

Putting together mailing & informational packets. Assisting with organizational projects & tasks

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Why did I become a volunteer?

“So many reasons. A hospice volunteer eases suffering. If only for a few moments. Being this soothing comforting presence means so very much to me. I enjoy my work as a hospice volunteer & feel that I’ve returned twice as much as I give. I’m grateful for these opportunities to help other human beings in need.”

Julie W., Allay Volunteer

Allay Volunteer Programs

Allay Volunteer Programs are designed to enhance the quality of life, the human connection, & the hospice journey. All of our programs offer the opportunity to engage hospice patients in ways that are both meaningful & effective as well as offering an enriching volunteer experience.

Happy Trails
(Pet Visitors Teams)

Offering unconditional love & affection, animals have a calming & positive effect on individuals in ways that humans often cannot. Pet Visitor Teams are paired with patients who enjoy animals & would benefit from a friendly animal visitor. All animals must be pet therapy certified. (If assistance is needed to certify your pet, partial scholarships are available.)

Vet-to-Vet Volunteers

This program gives Veterans an opportunity to care for other Veterans at the end-of-life. Since Veterans share a common language, code of conduct & honor, Veteran patients are paired with a volunteer who may have a better understanding of what the Veteran has experienced.

Allay is a proud partner of the We Honor Veterans Program

Legacy Program

Our Legacy Program is offered for the purpose of affirming & honoring the life an individual has lived. This program gives hospice patients the chance to tell their life stories to a volunteer who will then write & print the stories in a book form. Helping someone create their legacy booklet is a way of ensuring that their memories will be preserved for years to come.