Allay Hospice Care’s Specialty Programs

Bridges to Hospice

Allay Home Care can provide Home Health Services including: Skilled Nursing, Skilled Therapies (physical, occupational and speech), Wound Care, Home Health Aides and Social Workers to manage a patient’s medical needs as the patient and family prepare for the transition to Hospice Care.

ASAP – Allay Sensory Awareness Program

The ASAP program draws upon lifelong preferences, and interests, to spark connections with patients who may have difficulty in connecting with their loved ones.

Music can provide a vibrant source of sensory stimulation. Music is effective for mood enhancement relaxation and cognition for patients at any stage of Dementia. Allay staff can take that connection one step further by choosing music based on patient preference or the era of music they relate to. Allay staff will use music with commonly recognized lyrics that has been specifically recorded for dementia patients with a slower tempo and in a lower key to more easily engage patients. Patients may sing along, sway to the tune they recognize, or just sit quietly and take in the music.

By using visual cues such as photos and mementos, Allay is able to provide the opportunity to offer familiar items to comfort or provide the chance for patients to reminisce.

Stimulating the sense of smell using different scents in forms of essential oils, lotions, or foods, can be used to stimulate, uplift, calm, or relax patients or even take them back to moments in their past.

Touch is a powerful way to communicate and connect with patients with Dementia.  Using tactile cues such as soft fabric, stuffed animals, and other objects can elicit specific pleasurable memories.

The Allay staff will engage the patients in holding objects that are both comforting and soothing.

Human touch offers a comforting presence to a person with Dementia.  At times it may be difficult for a person with Dementia to actively interact with others, and simply holding a person’s hand can offer great comfort and socialization.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy enhances quality of life and aids in symptom management by offering a nonpharmacological alternative to pain control, respiratory distress, relief of anxiety and facilitate positive mood patients suffering from depression, combativeness and agitation.

Music Therapy is a highly individualized and effective approach to relieve pain, anxiety, and isolation. Music improves mood and quality of life for Hospice patients and their families.

Allay Home and Hospice employs Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC).

Benevolent Touch

Benevolent Touch is a nationally recognized program that enhances comfort and promotes a calming experience for patients through gentle massage.

As patients age they often lose the human touch and only are touched as cares are being provided for them.  Benevolent Touch offers the opportunity  for Human touch and connection through gentle massage of hands, face, head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.  Allay staff has been trained by a nationally certified trainer and member of the Allay social work team.

Pet Therapy

By offering non-judgemental, unconditional love and affection, animals impart a calming and positive effect on individuals in ways that humans cannot. Pet Visitor teams are paired with clients who enjoy animals and would bene t from a friendly animal visitor.

Sundowner’s Program

Allay Home and Hospice Inc. has designed a Sun Downers program to address the needs of patients with behaviors during the afternoon hours. These behaviors can include repetitive statements, wandering, striking, calling out, and mood swings. These can decrease the quality of life for the patients and create an over stimulated environment for patients and caregivers. The program has an individual approach using concepts as benevolent touch, sensory stimulation, music, 1-1- visits, and creative approaches.